Welcome Letter

Welcome to NewSchool! We are excited for you to join the NewSchool community this summer and look forward to meeting you soon. Although the Summer Quarter won’t be entirely back on campus, we are committed to continuing a variety of engagement opportunities for students.

Orientation is an opportunity for students to learn about the variety of services available and recognize the importance of campus policies and procedures that encourage student success, graduation, and personal growth and development.

The information outlined on our orientation site highlights NewSchool operations from academic engagement to student-centered programs and services. It is imperative new students familiarize themselves with NewSchool policies and procedures to understand the requirements of your academic program and remain in good standing with the institution. Students are expected to read through this orientation site and know how to find resources and policies.

Your NewSchool Ambassadors are one of many individuals on campus here to support you throughout your academic career. If you have questions or need additional support to transition to NewSchool, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you!

Ashley Wagner

Director of Student Affairs

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