The assignment of final course grades is a basic responsibility of each faculty member, which begins with a clear statement in the course syllabus, and in discussion with the students in the class, defining the criteria upon which grades will be determined. Specifically, instructors must identify the components and the weight of each that make up the final grade. Common components include:

  • Performance on quizzes and examinations;

  • Performance on projects, reports, and/or papers;

  • Performance on presentations and other class exercises;

  • Class participation;

  • And attendance (including minimum requirements to complete the class).

Any changes in criteria listed on the course syllabus that occur during the term must have written notice and be announced in class in a timely manner.

In addition to defining the criteria, instructors are responsible for applying the criteria consistently and carefully, using professional judgment for their assessments, and in all cases, being fair to reflect student performance in the context of NewSchool’s expectations for student achievement and the established grading scale.

Grades are earned for each course in which a student is officially enrolled. NewSchool uses a 4-point grading scale. GPA is determined by letter grades A through F using designated points assigned to each.