Integrative Studies

Undergraduate Students

NewSchool’s integrative studies curriculum is specifically designed to address the learning objectives of 21st century students. Our rigorous core of required and elective courses is aimed at producing articulate and confident students capable of achieving academic goals, making interdisciplinary connections, and addressing contemporary concerns. Our faculty place an emphasis n learning that is relevant as we challenge our students to form links between their coursework and the landscapes, natural and built environments, buildings, peoples, and cultures that make up the world – both past and present. Our pedagogical strategy is a balanced exploration of scientific, design, and humanistic inquiry that guides the individual learner on his or her way to becoming a scholar. Through project-based learning, students are challenged to broaden their self-awareness, foster an understanding of others and community, and cultivate a dynamic global perspective that may contribute to a more sustainable future. In turn, students acquire the knowledge and skillset necessary to become global citizens, preparing them to transform their learning experiences into action and stewardship.

Benefits of Integrative Studies at NewSchool

  • General Education does not have to be relegated to coursework that is monotonous or boring.

  • That's why at NewSchool these foundational courses are called Integrative Studies. 

  • Each course is taught by academics and professionals who make all courses relevant by forming interdisciplinary connections to other disciplines and to life.