Student Grievance

A student who has a grievance must first see the appropriate faculty or staff member with whom the grievance lies. If a solution is not reached on the part of the student and faculty or staff member, the student may seek the aid of the senior academic administrator of the academic unit in writing. If a solution cannot be reached the student may seek a solution by completing a confidential Student Grievance Form. This form is located on the NewSchool website under “Student Resources” on the “Registrar” page, on the student portal and in student support offices, such as the Registrar’s and Academic Advising offices. The student is responsible for completing the form with as much detail as possible and returning the form to the Student Life Office. The form will be reviewed within 30 days, and a resolution and/or recommendation will be presented to the student within 45 days of the date of grievance submission. Confidential records of this grievance process are kept in the Student Life Manager’s office